Lecturing on Game Studies & Game Design

Shigeru Miyamoto Diseñador de juegos como Mario Bros o Zelda (imagen tomada de http://blogs.lavanguardia.com/materiales-anomalos/shigeru-miyamoto-el-camino-recorrido)
Game Designer Shigeru Miyamoto (pic from http://blogs.lavanguardia.com/materiales-anomalos/shigeru-miyamoto-el-camino-recorrido)

In Spain, Game Design field is finally reaching the University. This 2013/2014 teaching course I will be lecturing in some spanish universities. A Grade, a Master and a PhD Program.

«Game Design Theory & Game Studies» in 3rd and 4th year degree courses in the Digital Games Design and Development Degree, at ESNE college of Design and Innovation.

«Art» in the Design section of Master in Digital Games at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

I’m also Honorary Contributor in the PhD Program at the Fine Arts College of Universidad Complutense Madrid, as New Media and Game Studies researcher.