#EDCD 2021 Thermoformers. (Forthcoming) Medialab Prado.

#EDCD 2021 Thermoformers. (Forthcoming) Medialab Prado.


Workshop: March 23rd to 26th, 2021

Thermoforming or vacuum forming is a process that consists of heating a semi-finished thermoplastic plate or sheet, so that when softened it can adapt to the shape of a mold by the action of vacuum pressure or by means of a countermold.

#EDCD Meetings of Design and Digital Culture it is a semi permanent program around digital creative practices that takes place at Medialab Prado in Madrid since 2014. #EDCD aims to create a meeting space between different art and design educational entities, professionals, students and people interested in the world of digital culture. Its objective is to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences, in addition to favoring common and transdisciplinary work around the question: What implications does digital culture have for the practice of arts and design?

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